Support & FAQs

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How do I add an issue, event or update from a mobile device?

When using the Checc web application on your mobile browser the buttons for issue, event and update can be found in the toolbar beneath the chat input. Similarly, all other interactions you would typically initiate by hovering will be accessible without the need to hover.

How many members can I add to my Checc board?

You can add 15 members to your board. This limit can be raised by contacting us.

I deleted a message but the attached file wasn't deleted and is still accessible in the file browser. Why is that?

Attaching a file to a message is really two actions. First, you are uploading the file to your board - then attaching it to your message. When you delete the message, the attachment is still on the board. You can delete the file by previewing it in Checc, then clicking the "three-vertical-dot" menu and selecting "Delete File".

How do I start a call in Checc?

Conference calling is just around the corner. In the meantime, you can use a third party service to facilitate your calls and share the links via Checc.

Why are my issues and events faded out?

When issues are marked as closed they appear faded out in the chat. When an event date has passed, they appear faded out in chat.

How can I set up an event to span across multiple days?

Checc only supports same-day events. For events spanning multiple days please create multiple events and specify the event day in the message: "EVENT NAME DAY 1", "EVENT NAME DAY 2".

How can I remove a member from a board?

If you're the owner of the board, hover over the member's name in the members list and select "Remove" from the "three-vertical-dot" menu.

How can I manage my board?

You can access board settings from the "three-vertical-dot" menu on the board selector (the page with the dark background and your list of boards). You can access this page by clicking the Checc logo from within the web application. Hover over the board you'd like to manage and click the menu icon. From here you can rename your board, manage your invitations, and delete your board completely.

How can I title an event, or only invite certain people?

You should add all the necessary information for your event in the message. This can include location, who should be involved and any name you'd like to give the event.

I've found a bug. What should I do?

Please lodge a ticket by contacting us. Keep in mind that Checc only supports the latest versions of modern browsers. If you're having an issue with Checc, make sure your browser is up-to-date.

What browsers are supported by Checc?

Checc works best on up-to-date versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge on modern devices (less than 4 years old). Older mobile phones and tablets may experience some issues but should still provide a usable experience if necessary. Mobile applications will be released soon for a better experience on older devices.

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