The chat app built for you and your clients

Checc gives you file sharing, issue tracking, and a shared calendar all in the one place. Becoming your client's one stop destination for everything about their project.

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Introducing Checc

No Setup

Invite your team, invite your clients, and then you're ready to go! Access Checc at any time, from any device. All hosted reliably in the cloud. No setup necessary.

Shared Calendar

Keep your team and your clients in-sync on meetings or important deadlines. Events are visible on the shared calendar, with the option to send invites to personal calendars as well.

Update Log

Let everyone know the project is moving! Share progress with a client and view it all at a glance with updates - a special type of message available in Checc.

Issue Tracking

Say goodbye to the days of an important question getting lost in a long email thread, or needing to nag a client about a task that’s blocking the project. Send and keep track of issues easily in Checc.

No Learning Curve

If you can chat, you can checc.

Everything in Checc happens directly in the chat. Events, issues and updates are created like any message. You won't need to spend time training your team or clients.


Keep it simple.

Checc makes great communication effortless with a built-in issue tracker, shared project calendar and update log. Better yet, everything is summarised for you and your clients to see the project status at a glance!

Files in one place

No more links or attachments.

Share files with your client right from your Checc project board. Everyone will know exactly where to find them whenever they are needed next. Well organized and easily searchable.

Wow your clients

Checc will simplify the experience for your clients by becoming an organized hub for all interaction with you and your team - in a way that wasn't possible before. Give them one place to find everything about their project.

Increase productivity

No more time wasted searching through emails, sending follow ups or looking for files. Checc's interface makes it easy to find everything that needs your attention, instantly.

Control visibility

Checc sits between your team's tools and your client. Whatever tools and processes your team uses for internal communication can stay client-free. You can control exactly what they'll see - and what they won't.

Make your client communication a selling point!